The Superman by Pete Hudson —- Just the begining.

                                  The Superman                             
          A cloudy sky, that slowly sways and moves with the wind. The     
          iconic S -Symbol is formed in the clouds.                        
          The wind again chills and we -                                   
          INT. SKY - AFTERNOON                                             
          A red and blue blur burst through the clouds much faster         
          than we can follow.                                              
          We are over the Atlantic ocean.                                  
          The reflection of the blur barley resonates in the water as      
          ripples flow back as the blur burst faster back into the         
          The blur moves with a purpose, a quickness that means            
          A rumble loud and growling with twisted metal. An explosion,     
          rocks the sky.                                                   
          The blur moves without hesitation.                               
          A plane is falling out of the sky, turning and sway in           
          discord. It’s right engine burst into flames, spilling           
          debris. Smoke, black, spews from the flames a trailing path      
          of destruction.                                                  
          The red and blue blur, never stopping attaches himself to        
          the bottom of the plane.                                         
          No, longer a blur. A man. A Superman. He digs his hands into     
          the metal with ease getting a firm grip on the twirling          
          plane. He twirls with it until his hands find a grip.            
          His red cape swirls and turns with the plane. He strains,        
          shaking, lifting. The whole plane shakes from the                
          The plane slows gradually in descent. It no longer twirls        
          and sways. It levels, burning engine and all. The Superman       
          has has the plane.                                               
          He stares down, fifteen feet below is the sea. His               
          reflection and the plane he holds staring back at him.           
          People on the plane screaming, staring out the window for        
          sight of what is happening to them.                              
          CONTINUED:                                              2.       
                         (to himself)                                      
                    A bit close.                                           
          He strains as he and the plane slowly lifts into the air. He     
          pushes himself forward gaining some speed.                       
                              MAN (OS)                                     
                    Were saved! Were flying!                               
          The peoples panic subsides.                                      
          Superman can’t help, but smile.                                  
          EXT. SMALLVILLE ROAD - AFTERNOON                                 
          An empty road between a row of cornfields. A sign reads.         
          "Welcome to Smallville"                                          
          Superman comes into view, hovering over the field he eases       
          down lower and lower, laying the plane on the street. He         
          comes out from the bottom. The plane making a THUD noise.        
          He slowly flies to the plane door, ripping it off its            
          hinges. He pulls the rip cords for the emergency landing,        
          and the yellow slide fills with air and touches ground.          
          A stewardess sitting on the floor out of her seat belt           
          stares at the floating, Superman, who slowly hovers back.        
                    Who, who are you?                                      
          He just smiles at her and slowly floats back.                    
                    I trust you can get the people to                      
          The stewardess nods still in shock.                              
          The people in the plane badger the windows with their faces,     
          peeking out to catch a glimpse of this stranger, of The          
          Their voice carry.                                               
                    Is he flying?                                          
          CONTINUED:                                              3.       
                    It’s a superhero!                                      
          Superman eases back and takes off with boom into the clouds.     
          A brunette rushes to the front of the plane in front of the      
          stewardess looking up into the sky.                              
                              LOIS LANE                                    
                    He saved us.                                           
          INT. PERRY WHITES OFFICE - AFTERNOON                             
          Perry White,55, dressed in a comfortable suit stares out the     
          window into Metropolis. They are on the highest floor.           
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    I can’t, Lois.                                         
          Perry turns towards his desk, various folders and important      
          papers along the desk. Standing looking aggrivated is, Lois      
                              LOIS LANE                                    
                    Perry! I was there. Okay! This guy                     
                    came out of nowhere, picked up the                     
                    plane. I mean, it was amazing.                         
          Perry half believes her its on his face, he has some             
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    I’m not arguing that something                         
          He picks up a couple pages, Lois wrote.                          
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    But, this? Were not a gossip column                    
                    and we don’t do unfounded stories                      
                    about flying men.                                      
                              LOIS LANE                                    
                    Everyone on the plane including me                     
                    is a witness!                                          
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    Okay, Lois I’ll bite. What did you                     
                    see? What did the passengers see?                      
          Lois is hesitant.                                                
          CONTINUED:                                              4.       
                              LOIS LANE                                    
                    The only person who got a good look                    
                    at him, was the stewardess.                            
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    Well, next time something like this                    
                    happens, bring Jimmy with you and                      
                    get a picture. Until than I can’t                      
                    run this.                                              
          Lois is dissapointed.                                            
                              LOIS LANE                                    
                    We have an obligation to report                        
                    headline news. This is news!                           
          A knock on the door.                                             
          Perry gestures his secretary, Alice, in.                         
                    Sir, Clark Kent’s here for the                         
                              PERRY WHITE                                  
                    Send him in.                                           
          Lois gives Perry the (what am I chopped liver look) Perry        
          comes pass the desk and shakes, Clarks hand.                     
          Clark stands in button shirt, and tie, glasses on his face       
          and the charming smile.                                          

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