Anomaly Websiode four – What goes around,…



          INT. CLOCK STORE - AFTERNOON                                     

          Sad music plays.                                                 

          QUICK SHOTS:                                                     

          Of all the clocks in the store. Each one ticking. Each one       
          alive. Each one with their own personality.                      

          Episode Four - What Goes Around,...                              

          A flash, causes Alvin to fall back. He catches himself. As       
          he appears back in the Clock store.                              

          Bill sitting down at a table behind the counter, taking a        
          watch apart. It’s pieces laid out on a cloth all in two          

          Alvin falls over, tired.                                         

          Bill doesn’t even stand up. He just glances back from his        

                    Maybe, and I know you don’t want to                    
                    hear this, but, maybe It’s not                         
                    meant to be.                                           

                    No, Don’t say that. I can change                       
                    it. Nothing is set in stone.                           

          Bill stands from his table. He walks to the front of Alvin       
          holding out a hand.                                              

          Alvin gets up from the floor. Bill leads him to the table.       

                    Each piece of a watch is set so                        
                    perfectly that if one thing goes                       
                    out of sink, if one little screw                       
                    isn’t screwed right, the watch will                    
                    not work.                                              

          Bill gestures to the pieces of the watch on the table.           

                    From what I’ve learned about time.                     
                    Time is like a watch.                                  


          CONTINUED:                                              2.       

                    I’m sure she didn’t tell you this.                     
                    And I’m sure this is why she let                       
                    you go back so many times.                             

          Bill is hesitant.                                                

                              BILL CONTINUED                               
                    I died.                                                

                    You mean, she went back and saved                      

          Bill nods picking up a picture of himself and another woman      
          about the same age.                                              

                    I was on the road that night. When                     
                    everyone gained powers. A car                          
                    crashed into mine. I got out, I was                    
                    all right.                                             


                    The chaos was hard. I was out of my                    
                    car, checking the other driver when                    
                    I heard it. It was faint at first,                     
                    a buzzing. It grew and I couldn’t                      
                    figure out where it was coming                         

          Bill covers his mouth as if the mere thought devastates him.     

                              BILL CONTINUED                               
                    My eyes found it first. A plane.                       
                    The pilot had passed out, along                        
                    with many others. It hit and I was                     
                    gone. Lost in the rubble.                              

          Bill wipes his eyes as they seem to water.                       

                    but, she saved you? Your here                          

                    But at what cost. How many times                       
                    have you tried to save her now?                        

          CONTINUED:                                              3.       

                    8 times.                                               

                    Filisha saved me, but lost her                         
                    mother. She stopped me from running                    
                    out and her mother went instead.                       

          Bill lowers the picture face down upon the table.                

                    She let her mother die?                                

                    Her mother had cancer. She had a                       
                    few months left. And After 86                          
                    attempts she gave up.                                  

                    I can’t give up trying to save her.                    
                    I love her to much.                                    

          Bills tear falls from his eye.                                   

                    I would give anything to have my                       
                    wife back. I would have died with                      
                    her on that highway. But, fate is                      
                    cruel and time is unforgiving.                         

          Bill pats Alvin on the shoulder.                                 

                    You’ve went back and had Francheska                    
                    die instead. But, you couldn’t live                    
                    with that. Someone will always take                    
                    her place, Can you choose another                      
                    for it? It’s not so easy.                              

          Alvin shakes his head.                                           

                              BILL CONTINUED                               
                    Those Klan men killed a boy after                      
                    you saved Francheska. A boy who                        
                    spray painted with his mind.                           
                    Another person will always die.                        

          Alvin shakes his head.                                           

                    So,... I can live without her or                       
                    let someone else die for her.                          

          Alvin rubs his face.                                             

          CONTINUED:                                              4.       

                    Time is a cycle. What goes around                      
                    comes around. It has to be equal.                      

                    I have to talk her. I have to see                      

          Alvin turns walking away from Bill who looks confused.           

                    What are you going to do, Alvin?                       

                    I need to speak with Hanna.                            

          Alvin leaves the store. Bill standing rubbing his face. He       
          picks up the picture of he and his wife.                         

                    I’m sorry.                                             


                              END OF EPISODE FOUR

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