Moonshining Episode one: Church and Water

William Archer returns home to find the town in chaos, prohibition   

has taken effect and the Dallas boys along with the 
church are at war.                                                                            

                    Moonshining Episode One: Church and Water              

                                        Pete Hudson                        
                                        538 Meadowvale Drive 32825         

          INT. CHURCH - MORNING                                            

          A podium in front of a church congregation. We can hear the      
          murmurs of people waiting.                                       

          A beat.                                                          

          Voices steadily fall silent as footsteps hit our ears.           

          Moving up the steps and in front of the podium is DELVIN         
          SINCLAIR (42) in a white robe and church garments.               

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Quite now. Quite!                                      

          He holds his hands up quieting the flock.                        

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    This congregation has fought                           
                    against all kinds of sin and                           
                    heathenry brought into our small                       
                    But, as you know these past months                     
                    a demon has sprung its head out of                     

          The flock mutter a resounding "gasp"                             

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    You folks in here - we all are good                    
                    hard working Americans! We follow                      
                    the rules of God, the creed of this                    
                    here good book! But, that snake, it                    
                    comes in the form of many evils!                       
                    Sin takes many forms and this day,                     
                    It’s moonshine! The devils WATER!                      
                    It’s trying to tempt us and it has                     
                    followers and those follows of sin                     
                    who aid the devil in his cause are                     
                    none other than The Dallas boys!                       

          Delvin bangs his fist upon his podium like Zeus tossing down     
          bolts of lighting.                                               

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Some people call this church old                       
                    testament, even old timey. But, I                      
                    say, to those who question our                         
                    resolve, who question our will!                        
                    Does Gods words change with time!?                     
                    No! People change, laws change;                        
                    Gods words do not! Like Ezekiel we                     
          CONTINUED:                                              2.       

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR (cont’d)                     
                    shall strike down upon our enemy                       
                    with vengeance and force the sinful                    
                    into the depths of the great lake                      
                    of fire!                                               

          A resounding "Amen" echos clapping.                              

          Delvin raises his hand as if already wining the war against      
          his enemy.                                                       

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    It’s our time! This is the Era of                      
                    Prohibition! The era of                                
                    righteousness and a just God who                       
                    will do whatever needs to be done                      
                    to win a cause!                                        

          The applauds make Delvin smile and raise his arms embracing      
          those who applaud him.                                           

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    God is good!                                           
                    God is very good.                                      


          The clapping fades.                                              

          EXT. BRIDGE OUTSIDE RED MILL - DUSK                              

          The sun is slowly sinking underneath the trees.                  

          A lone bridge just outside of town.                              

          William Archer (30) is wearing a suit without a jacket.          

          A bag over his shoulder with clothes and everything he holds     
          dear wrapped inside.                                             

          William lays down his bag; Removes a revolver from his belt      
          taking out bullets and entering them into the cylinder.          

          He spins it.                                                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    I hate this town.                                      

          Gun back into his belt hidden. He picks up his bag crossing      
          the old bridge.                                                  

          CONTINUED:                                              3.       

          We linger on the sight of, William Archer, moving across the     
          bridge with vengeance in his heart.                              

          A voice suddenly coming in softly.                               

                         (voice over)                                      
                    Dear, William. Daddies died. He                        
                    didn’t come home one night, and                        
                    when I found him the next morning                      
                    he swear to seeing angels. He asked                    
                    for you. Prayed for some                               
                    forgiveness before his eyes rolled                     
                    back and he moved from this mortal                     
                    earth. I believe he was poisoned                       
                    struck sick by the drink sold in                       
                    town. Red mill’s not a save place                      
                    any longer. I hope this letter                         
                    finds you well and I hope to see                       
                    you soon.                                              

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. RED MILL - NIGHT                                            

          A small town.                                                    

          A row of shops all closed for the night. A few bars sit in       
          between all have closed down except for one.                     

          This is a town at the pivotal beginning or end of its life.      

          William walks through the town staring at all the old places     
          he knows, stopping when he reaches the last open bar "Old        

          He glances around finding only a few people out heading home     
          before night truly sets on the town.                             

          The cold air slowly seeping into the town.                       

          He enters.                                                       

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. OLD SMOKEY BAR - NIGHT                                      

          The bar has about seven people in it including, William.         

          No one sits along the bar, all the stools are empty. The         
          booze is off the shelves hidden beneath the bar.                 

          CONTINUED:                                              4.       

          Men are at the tables dealing cards and drinking something       
          out of a tin cans, small mason jars.                             

          Like the old west they stop to stare with curiosity at this      

          The man dealing cards raises his head, whistles, as if it’s      
          a sign to alert someone and returns to his game.                 

          SARAH (27) comes out of the kitchen wiping her hands on an       
          apron. She doesn’t just run the kitchen, she runs old            

                    You need to get out of here and                        
                    tell that preacher, Delvin we aint                     

                    I’m sorry, I believe you do have me                    
                    confused with someone else. I don’t                    
                    know any Delvin to speak of.                           

                    Your not part of that church on the                    
                    hill!? Your not one of those God                       
                    worshiping wackos!?                                    

          William smiles at the beauty of Sarah.                           

                    No, Ma’am, I find it hard to                           
                    believe in a God who waits till now                    
                    to have us cross paths.                                

          Sarah half blushes catching herself she rolls her eyes           
          turning away heading behind the empty bar.                       

                    Who are you? I’ve never seen you                       
                    around here.                                           

          William moves to the bar taking one of the many empty seats      
          sitting his bag by his feet.                                     

                    I was born here believe it or not.                     
                    Left when I was eighteen, and never                    
                    looked back. Names, William Archer,                    
                    and you are?                                           

          William holds out a hand to Sarah who looks at it as             
          something to stay away from.                                     

          CONTINUED:                                              5.       

          She grabs a cup cleaning it out.                                 

                    Well, William what you drinking?                       

          He lowers his hand pretending to clean it off.                   

                    It’s not good manners to turn away                     
                    the hand of a friend or say your                       
                    name when a patron offers theirs.                      

          Sarah slams down the cup.                                        

                    You listen here! I don’t have time                     
                    for you. You either have a reason                      
                    to be here or you don’t and you                        

                    I would take a drink, but judging                      
                    by the pale decor and my reflection                    
                    in that mirror you lot are out.                        

          Sarah bends down removing a jar from under the bar. In the       
          jar is a clear liquid. She pours it into his glass.              

                    You didn’t spit in that did ya?                        

          Sarah gives him a rude look closing the top on the jar           
          placing it back behind the bar.                                  

                    You going to drink that or be on                       
                    your way?                                              

          William grabs the glass smelling the moonshine, it’s strong.     
          He cocks his head back and lets it rip down his throat.          

                    That’s damn good. Best I tasted                        
                    this side of the Mississippi, Who                      
                    makes this, you?                                       

                    Were not selling recipes here. Just                    
                    moonshine. Did you want another?                       

          William reaches in his pocket taking out a few coins laying      
          them in front of Sarah.                                          

          CONTINUED:                                              6.       

                    Maybe later.                                           

          She grabs the cup pulling it away. She reaches for the           

                    Goodnight, then.                                       

                    Wait a seconded.                                       

          Sarah stops.                                                     

                    I got a letter from my sister. She                     
                    lives here in town. She didn’t put                     
                    the address on it, or maybe I                          
                    ripped the letter to shreds before                     
                    reading it.                                            

          William removes the letter looking a little ripped up and        
          missing a pieces. Looks to maybe even having gotten wet.         

                    Point being I was hoping somebody                      
                    here would know her or my pa.                          

          Sarah shakes her head.                                           

                    Don’t shake your head I haven’t                        
                    even said her name yet.                                

          The door to the bar opens.                                       

          Again people stop and they stare, but this time there is no      

          William is the only one who doesn’t turn around. He is still     
          holding the letter in his hand with determination.               

          Sarah, on the other hand runs around the bar grabbing a          
          shotgun off the wall and pointing it at two men who have         

                    What are you two doing in here!?                       
                    You’ve been barred. Anyone who                         
                    follows that bastered Devlin -                         

          CONTINUED:                                              7.       

                    Shut up, Dumb dora. Were men of the                    
                    law, and Devlin’s going to need to                     
                    know about this speakeasy.                             

                    This isn’t a speakeasy and these                       
                    aint blanks in my gun.                                 

          The seconded man who has been quite moves past his ally. He      
          puts a finger through his hair and smirks.                       

                    Every hell starts out looking like                     

          Sarah is confused.                                               

          Hampton moves close with fear, shotgun between his eyebrows      
          with hesitation.                                                 

                    Can you find the muster to pull the                    
                    trigger on an unarmed man?                             

                    What you doing, Hampton!?                              

                    Jesus said "Let him deny himself                       
                    and take up his cross and follow                       
                    me. For whoever would save his life                    
                    will lose it, but whoever loses his                    
                    life for my sake will find it"                         


                    Amen indeed.                                           

          Hampton quickly moves pulling the shotgun out of Sarah’s         
          hand and into his.                                               

                    Now, this is one unsightly hell on                     
                    earth. All the damned come here to                     
                    hide from Gods retribution. Isn’t                      
                    that right, Smith?                                     

                    Sounds about right, Hampton. This                      
                    place reeks of sin and decay.                          

          CONTINUED:                                              8.       

          Hampton begins to walk around the room looking at all the        
          patrons of the bar.                                              

                    The town of Redhill, Illions is no                     
                    longer going to be a place of sin.                     
                    Those worthy of hell shall visit it                    
                    sooner or later. Maybe, sooner then                    

          Hampton walks around almost in a circle and as he turns,         
          William stands up from the bar.                                  

          They both stand a mere foot from one another.                    


          Hampton doesn’t move, staying nimble and at the ready.           

                    It’s okay, smith. I don’t believe                      
                    we’ve had the good fortune of being                    

                    William. You?                                          

                    Hampton. From the ministry of                          
                    Delvin Sinclair, under the one true                    

                    You seem to be upsetting the lady                      
                    here and I’m trying to get to the                      
                    bottom of something as well, so if                     
                    you and your companion don’t mind.                     

          William gestures to the door.                                    

          Hampton finds this cause to chuckle a hearty chuckle.            

                    Do not tempt me snake. For I am                        
                    keen in hand and mind with Gods                        

                    It’s okay, Stranger just let it go.                    

          William nods. He goes to turn around to take his seat back       
          and wait his turn.                                               

          CONTINUED:                                              9.       

                    She’s right. I’m new in town. I’ll                     
                    wait my turn.                                          

          He stops.                                                        

          His back still to the guys.                                      

                    I just remembered, I was here                          

          William turns around quickly grabbing the shotgun from           

          Hampton won’t let go.                                            

          William headbutts him in the face, the gun now in his hands      
          he points it at Smith.                                           

                    I think you two would find it in                       
                    your benefit to get the hell out of                    

          Hampton wipes his nose as a few small droplets of blood          

          He says nothing, but the look on his face swears revenge.        
          Smith leads him out tails between their legs.                    

          Sarah storms over to William taking the gun from his hand        
          and putting it back on the wall.                                 

                    A thank you would be fitting or                        
                    your name.                                             

                    A thank you!? They work for the                        
                    very church trying to shut down                        
                    every store or bar they deem                           
                    sinful. You just gave em, another                      
                    reason to come after us.                               

          William looks to be getting a headache with all this drama       
          going on.                                                        

          He waves the letter in his hand.                                 

          Sarah comes over taking the letter.                              

          CONTINUED:                                             10.       

                    What’s the name!?                                      


                    Your families name. Your sister?                       


                    Martin? I thought you said you were                    
                    William Archer?                                        

                    When I left here I forsake my last                     
                    name. Some things are easier to                        
                    forget than others.                                    

                    The son of Matthew Martin?                             

                    The one and only. I take it you                        
                    know him? A frequent visitor to the                    
                    old smokey?                                            

          Sarah nods.                                                      

                    Yeah, I know him and you’re sister                     

          She looks hesitant.                                              

                    They been in the same house by the                     
                    old creek for years.                                   

          William looks sadden by this thought.                            

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. CREEK - NIGHT                                               

          The moonlight is shining on the boggy creek. Fog and mist        
          carry through the night.                                         

          William is walking with a lantern finding a house, a small       
          cottage built near the creek.                                    

          CONTINUED:                                             11.       

          William hesitates before making the walk up the creek. Each      
          step he takes is a heavy one.                                    

          CUT TO:                                                          

          Moment’s later.                                                  

          William reaches the front door.                                  

          He spits in his hand pushing it through his hair.                

          A light inside barley can be seen out. The drapes doing          
          their jobs well.                                                 

          He knocks twice and waits. He hears nothing. He knocks           

                    Ellie!? Ellie it’s me, William.                        

          A sudden movement inside perks him up. He stands tall            
          waiting for the door to open.                                    


          Ellie (21) hand slaps William across the face.                   

                    How dare you show up now!                              

          Ellie turns around heading inside.                               

          William just standing there confused.                            

                    I got your letter was I wrong in                       
                    thinking you wanted me here?                           

                    Well, Come in you letting all the                      
                    heat out gosh darn it.                                 

          William enters shutting the door behind him.                     

          INT. ELLIE’S HOUSE - NIGHT                                       

          Ellie’s house is more of a shack.                                

          Three rooms, barley big enough to be called that. The home       
          is falling apart, wasting away with time. The living room        
          and kitchen are almost in the same space together.               

          In the corner of the room is a small bed.                        

          CONTINUED:                                             12.       

                    It’s been a while.                                     

          Ellie pulls out a chair gesturing for William to take a          

          He declines rubbing his hurt cheek.                              

                    Where’s dad?                                           

                    On ice.                                                

          William glances behind himself to the window, his father         
          keeping cool in the creek.                                       

                    You said he was poisoned?                              

                    He had started drinking after you                      
                    left. He already did, but, after                       
                    you were gone it became an everyday                    
                    occurrence. Most nights he didn’t                      
                    come home, and when he did he’d                        
                    come in late, almost morning time                      
                    and pass out where you’re standing.                    
                    As time went on I got wise, I made                     
                    that cot for him. He always found                      
                    his way home after all awhile.                         
                    Except that night. He was so drunk                     
                    he passed out before he made it to                     
                    the house.                                             
                    I woke up finding him, face in the                     
                    dirt, with crows pecking at his                        

                    You got me riled up because he                         
                    drunk himself to death!?                               

          Ellie shakes her head sadly.                                     

                    You been through town have you seen                    
                    this place?                                            

                    Looks like hell. Ran into two men                      
                    when I stopped at a bar before                         
                    coming up here.                                        

          CONTINUED:                                             13.       

                    That church is trying to turn our                      
                    town into something God can be                         
                    proud of. More people have died                        
                    from alcohol in the past few months                    
                    than anything.                                         

                    Causing the bars to close and                          
                    people to be scared?                                   

                    The only people worth buying it                        
                    from is the Dallas boys. They’ve                       
                    been running moonshine to anyone                       
                    wants it. Even straight up to                          

                    You telling me you think it’s those                    
                    boys up at that church? This                           
                    Hampton fella?                                         

          Ellie nods: "Yes"                                                

          William lays his bag down looking around the room.               

                    I’m sorry for writing you. I just                      
                    thought you should know daddy was                      
                    dead. I guess I wanted to see you                      

                    I’m sorry I stayed gone so long.                       
                    It’s just once I was out I kept                        
                    going. I didn’t look back till I                       
                    reached the state line and crossed                     
                    it without a seconded thought.                         

          Ellie stands up hugging William and he her. For a moment         
          they stand there in silence.                                     

                    I’m glad you’re back. It’s been                        
                    hard here. Do you think you’ll                         

          William doesn’t answer.                                          

                    You leaving after the funeral or                       
                    you staying a while?                                   

          CONTINUED:                                             14.       

          They part and she takes a seat.                                  

                    If what your sayings true. I at                        
                    least owe him to check it out.                         
                    After all that Hampton guy was                         
                    pretty angry with me last we met.                      

          Ellie chuckles hand over her mouth.                              

                    What am I going to do with you? In                     
                    town ten minutes and already up to                     
                    your old games.                                        

                    What can I say? Old habits.                            

                    Why don’t you take your old bedroom                    
                    get some rest. I’m sure you need it                    
                    traveling all that way.                                

                    No, I’m okay. You go get some rest.                    
                    I’m not sleepy yet. But, When the                      
                    feeling does hit that bed there                        
                    seems about as fitting as a bed as                     
                    I deserve.                                             

          Ellie smiles standing kissing William on the cheek. She          
          moves into the room closing the door behind her.                 

          William stares around the room. He moves to a small box in       
          the corner.                                                      

          These are his fathers things. A few scattered objects            
          nothing important, until he notices a pocket watch. Gold         
          finely made having been handed down in the Martin family.        

                         (to himself)                                      
                    He kept it?                                            

          He puts it in his pocket.                                        

          A photo of him, his dad and his sister a few weeks before he     
          left. All smiling at the front of the house. He places it        
          into an inner pocket.                                            

          William moves through the house as silence befalls it. He        
          moves through the hall.                                          

          CONTINUED:                                             15.       

          The doors to the two rooms are open. He stops finding his        
          room on the right, across from his sisters.                      

          At the door.                                                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    Somethings never change.                               

          He looks around the room with his eyes. Wood carved into         
          shapes and guns.                                                 

          His bed is made and his room cleaner than he remembers it        

                    He kept it clean for you. Wouldn’t                     
                    let anyone in it.                                      

          William looks back, Ellie is at her door watching him.           

                    He missed you, you know. He blamed                     
                    himself for you leaving. It was                        
                    hard on him too after ma died. It                      
                    was hard on me.                                        

                    I know. I’m sorry. You were to                         
                    young to take with me and I was to                     
                    young to care. I was to stupid to                      
                    understand what running away meant.                    

                    What did it mean?                                      

                    Never seeing you again. Never                          
                    getting to say goodbye to pa.                          
                    Forgetting who I was and where I                       
                    came from.                                             

                    Is that going to help you remember?                    

          Ellie gestures to the gun in William’s belt.                     

                    I think it’s a start. Pa, deserves                     

          CONTINUED:                                             16.       

                    Revenge isn’t justice, William.                        

          He turns away from her staring back at his room.                 

                    Where you going to start? I’m not                      
                    even sure it’s the church. It just                     
                    might be Hampton and those boys.                       

                    I’ll go have a chat with the Dallas                    
                    boys, their names keep popping up.                     
                    If anyone knows about poison, I                        
                    reckon its them.                                       

          Ellie nods slowly backing into her room, the door shutting.      

          William moves out of the room heading back into the living       
          room. He stops staring to the window and out to the creek,       
          the old boggy creek.                                             

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. CREEK - NIGHT                                               

          William moves along the shore seeing a post, a rope is tied      
          around it with his father tied to the other end.                 

          He bends down with his lantern shining on the water he can       
          make out his father’s face floating just above the rim.          

                    You crazy old man. Knew you would                      
                    find it either at the end of a gun                     
                    or at the end of a glass. I guess                      
                    it’s better to go out without                          
                    seeing the bullet that kills you.                      

          William takes a seat watching his father floating in the         

                              WILLIAM CONTINUED                            
                    When I left you still were working                     
                    in the mine, talking about changing                    
                    things in this town for the better.                    
                    How it was a new life for us. I                        
                    gave up on that and I’m sorry. You                     
                    told me to give it some time and I                     
                    ran away like a coward. I’m going                      
                    to make it up to you, Make it up to                    

          CONTINUED:                                             17.       

          The body just sits there without word, he didn’t expect a        

          Williams hand moves over his mouth as the realization his        
          father is dead hits him.                                         

                    I’m sorry. I know what I said. I                       
                    know what I did. I,... should of                       
                    been a better son.                                     

          A beat.                                                          

          He eyes his father just floating for a moment.                   

          William clears his throat standing and wiping his eyes. He       
          takes a breath.                                                  

                    I’m going to find whomever did this                    
                    to you.                                                

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. DALLAS COTTAGE - NIGHT                                      

          The night sky is dazzled by dozens and dozens of stars and       
          far off galaxies.                                                

          William is sitting 15 feet from the Dallas boys Cottage.         

          A knife in his hand he sits whittling. His revolver not far      
          from him.                                                        

                    The whistler river. The drying                         
                    shore. The pistol silver evermore.                     
                    Who ye be? who ye see? Danger,                         
                    danger is all around me.                               

          We PAN in a circle around William as all the lights of the       
          Dallas cottage seems to be off.                                  

          Two old fords sit in the drive way. One able and ready, the      
          other motor sitting next to it, waiting to be rebuilt or         
          fixed by one of the Dallas boys.                                 

          Williams humming continues.                                      

          CUT TO:

          INT. OLD SMOKEY BAR - NIGHT                                      

          Sarah closing up the bar pushing the last patron out.            

                    Goodnight, Jimmy.                                      

          She closes the door behind him.                                  

          Williams humming seeps through the scenes.                       

                    Night, Sarah. See you in the morn!                     

          EXT. ROAD - NIGHT                                                

          Jimmy stumbles out of the old smokey bar.                        

          He moves with a wobble, a discontent for the way of a            
          straight lane finding zig zags to be more his style.             

          He turns around with a disgusted face ignoring a man to          
          covered in the darkness of the night to see clearly.             

          Jimmy falls over his feet toppling each other. He is             
          struggling to pick himself up.                                   


          Jimmy is grabbed. Pulled down with liquor falling over his       

                    Enjoy, deliverance.                                    

          Jimmy choking, coughing.                                         

          The man runs away into the darkness letting, Jimmy return to     
          picking himself up. He rises stumbling onwards.                  

                    Better, better run off. You, bums!                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER (VO)                          
                    Pistol held and aim kept high. Many                    
                    enemies shall die. The whistler                        
                    river turns and pours. The silver                      
                    dagger is no more. Who ye be? who                      
                    ye see? Sin and wrought, just let                      
                    me be.                                                 

          CONTINUED:                                             19.       

          Jimmy falls over, he begins to seizure. He begins to frail       
          and wither in mind and body.                                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER (VO)                          
                    The whistler river. The drying                         
                    shore. The pistol silver evermore.                     
                    Who ye be? who ye see? Danger,                         
                    danger is all around me.                               


          EXT. DALLAS COTTAGE - NIGHT                                      

          Through the darkness we pass through by a tree.                  

          William has fallen asleep where he sat. His determination        
          had waned during the course of a few hours.                      

          A man walks over to him out of the darkness. He is holding a     
          shotgun over his left shoulder. He has a limp in his step,       
          but that wouldn’t seem to hold him back.                         

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    I reckon your a’ waiting for me?                       

          Joe bends down seeing the knife in hand and the piece of         
          wood half whittled into a little girl.                           

          Joe takes the head of his gun using it to poke, William          

          William jumps up grabbing at his gun, but the shotgun now        
          aimed at his balls is a different story.                         

                    You one of the Dallas boys!?                           

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    I think it’s routine for the man                       
                    holding the gun to the balls of                        
                    another finds he gets to ask                           
                    questions first.                                       

          Joe glances to the house still quite.                            

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Now, what you need with them boys?                     

                    That’s my own business. Balls or                       

          Joe finds this amusing giving a chuckle, just one.               

          CONTINUED:                                             20.       

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Your brave. Worthy, but at this                        
                    junction pointless. As of right                        
                    now, the truth would be wise to                        

          He pushes the gun harder into William’s groin.                   

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    You the same boy who stopped them                      
                    church runners from tearing up old                     

                    I also try to get that dames name.                     

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    She’s a tough one. She’s a good                        
                    judge of character too, sometimes.                     
                    I’m Joe Dallas.                                        

          Joe pulls the shotgun away from William.                         

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Dust yourself and come inside.                         
                    Better to talk about why you                           
                    sitting in my yard with a gun than                     
                    out here.                                              

          Joe gets up and walks away.                                      

          William getting up grabbing his things following right           

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. DALLAS HOME - NIGHT                                         

          Inside the home is large. It has an upstairs. Rugs in            
          certain rooms. There is a certain civilized make to the          

          William follows Joe into the living room where a fireplace,      
          burns away the cold night.                                       

          Where several comfy rocking chairs and a table sit neatly        

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Take a seat. I’ll get us something                     
                    to drink.                                              

          CONTINUED:                                             21.       

          William glances around the room. A few pictures on the wall      
          nothing to amazing. Except for one.                              

          A man in suspenders lifting a giant log with a hearty smile.     
          William seems drawn to this one.                                 

                              HARVEY (OS)                                  
                    Who you pretended to be?                               

          William turns finding, HARVEY (17) standing in the door way.     
          Bright looking boy, with nice slicked back hair and a smile      
          that could probably charm him through any grease spot.           

                    A good person at this seconded, but                    
                    things are liable to change.                           

                    I reckon we all are.                                   

          Harvey takes a few steps forward holding out a hand for          
          William to shake.                                                

                    Harvey, Harvey, Dallas. You new in                     

          They shake hands and part.                                       

                    I was raised here, you could say                       
                    this is me coming back. I’m                            

                    My sister was talking about you. Be                    
                    careful she is a wild one.                             
                    Dangerous. She once kicked a guy in                    
                    the balls for telling her he liked                     
                    her hair.                                              

          Harvey makes a motion of kicking and a pained face.              

                    Couldn’t walk right for a week they                    

          William is a bit confused, but before he can ask. Harvey         
          pats him on the shoulder and leaves the room.                    

                    New’s travels fast in this town.                       

          William takes a seat.                                            

          CONTINUED:                                             22.       

          Joe returns with two cans filled with moonshine taking a         
          seat quick to notice Williams wondering eyes.                    

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Our dad built this house. Room by                      
                    room. He did it for our momma.                         

                    It’s too cozy for your character I                     
                    would say.                                             

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    And you would be right at first                        
                    glance. This house is our                              
                    sanctuary. We eat meals, we laugh,                     
                    we are a family here. No, wildness                     
                    is allowed to come through those                       

          Joe swigs back on moonshine like its going out of style. Joe     
          hands William his not drinking.                                  

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Our daddy made it as an after                          
                    thought for our momma after she                        
                    passed. Said he would finish it.                       
                    Always told her, but never did.                        
                    Took her death to make this house                      

          Joe taps his fist against the wall. He looks to William who      
          is smiling, but not sipping.                                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    My daddy did something of the same                     
                    sort. His ambition of building it                      
                    disappeared after a couple days                        
                    though, left me to finish it and                       
                    take care of my sister.                                

          Joe takes another swig of his moonshine looking over William     
          for a moment before leaning back.                                

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Why you here? And why haven’t you                      
                    sampled the famous Dallas brother                      
                    moonshine. I’m I to assume one is                      
                    cause for the other?                                   

          William seems to grow anxious in his chair. His hand through     
          his hair before speaking.                                        

          CONTINUED:                                             23.       

                    I’m here because my father died. He                    
                    had the misfortune of becoming a                       
                    drinker and falling ill to some                        
                    moonshine a week or so back.                           

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    You think that illness falls upon                      
                    my head?                                               

                    Does it?                                               

          Joe tightens his hold on his moonshine jar.                      

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    You something else, aint ya!?                          
                    invite you in, tell you stories. I                     
                    treat you -                                            

                    I don’t care how you treated me.                       
                    I’m looking for answers. All the                       
                    speakeasy’s in town have closed                        
                    down. That poor girl bout got run                      
                    out tonight and your family seems                      
                    to keep making money.                                  

          Joe doesn’t seem impressed by the allegation. In fact his        
          fist seem to tense up.                                           

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    If you hadn’t helped out my sister                     
                    tonight, Your head would be sitting                    
                    in that fire place for the way your                    
                    talking to me.                                         
                         (leans in)                                        
                    Our shine is the best damn stuff in                    
                    all Illions. For you to say we                         
                    killing folks. You best place blame                    
                    where it belongs.                                      

                    Where’s that? With that church? I                      
                    find it hard to believe a church is                    
                    going round killing folks cause                        
                    they drink.                                            

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    You best believe. Church’s have                        
                    killed for less. And this sin, just                    
                    happens to be against the law as                       
                    well. Gives more strength to their                     

          CONTINUED:                                             24.       

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    You’re telling me, a priest is                         
                    killing those he deems sinful?                         

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Not just any old priest, he’s the                      
                    brother of a law man. His family                       
                    wants to rebuild this town into a                      
                    heaven of sorts.                                       

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    It’s this one that girl at old                         
                    smokey told me about, Delvin?                          

                              SARAH (OS)                                   
                    Pastor Delvin Sinclair.                                

          Sarah is leaning under the archway arms folded. She looks        


          Joe looks to her with fierce eyes.                               

                    They got Jimmy. Officers out their                     
                    now, that’s why I’m here so late.                      

          Joe turns away.                                                  

                    What happened?                                         


                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    God dammit, woman! Can’t you see I                     
                    was getting up? William you stay                       
                    here will finish this when I                           

          Joe grabs his shotgun and heads out the front door. William      
          stands up ready to go after him.                                 

          Sarah moves into the room arms still crossed as if they          
          would protect her from anything.                                 

                    What you going to do? Take out your                    
                    gun and follow like a cowboy?                          

          CONTINUED:                                             25.       

                    Not yet. Not, until I find out what                    
                    the hell is happening in this town?                    

                    3 years ago that church was built                      
                    and like an angel fallen. Devlin                       
                    the sheriffs brother comes in with                     
                    a new creed. Government is law                         
                    along with the bible. He slowly                        
                    gathered like minded people to fall                    
                    in line, but we always ran                             
                    moonshine. We always will. As long                     
                    as the people want it.                                 

                    He’s been making it harder to get                      
                    the moonshine out?                                     

                    Seems that way. Seems the church                       
                    can do anything it sets its mind                       
                    to. As you saw coming in. They                         
                    think they run this town.                              

          Both Sarah and William take a seat.                              

                    What’s Joe think he can do about                       
                    it. Going out there alone.                             

          Sarah sits in the seat where Joe was sitting. She is a tad       

                    Your daddy came to the old smokey a                    
                    lot. So did others, but when they                      
                    leave after having a few drinks the                    
                    next day their found dead or like                      
                    jimmy a few hours after. Joe brings                    
                    the bodies to the loved ones before                    
                    the church can hoot and hollar                         
                    praises for the death.                                 

                    The church is doing this. They                         
                    poisoned my daddy?                                     

                    You have to realize by now it                          
                    wasn’t us. It has to be Delvin, one                    
                    of his people. Those two you met                       

          CONTINUED:                                             26.       


          Sarah nods. "Yes"                                                

          William licks his lips upset. She sees it all over his face.     

                    Are you going to kill them?                            

                    When I was younger these boys would                    
                    pick on this colored girl. I took a                    
                    liking to her. I walked her home                       
                    when her daddy was too drunk. When                     
                    she needed someone there.                              

          William seems to chuckle thinking about it.                      

                    What happened to her?                                  

                    She didn’t show up for school one                      
                    day. They had beaten that poor girl                    
                    almost to death.                                       


          Little Rosy. In a flower dress. Her face is horror               
          surrounded by a bunch of 12 year old boys.                       

                    I found out who they were and never                    
                    again did they touch her. So when                      
                    you ask me, If I’m going to kill                       
                    them. I have to say, yes. I’m going                    
                    to kill them all.                                      

          The sound of a car pulling to the house grabs their              

          Sarah stands up.                                                 

                    My brother’s here.                                     

                    How many brothers do you have?                         

                    Just the three. Harvey, Joe, and                       

          CONTINUED:                                             27.       

          The door swings open to the house. Robert (40) comes in with     
          a pretty lady on his arm.                                        

          Vivian (29) is drunk and barely able to walk.                    

          Robert stops looking to Sarah and William.                       

                    Who the hell is this!? where’s Joe?                    
                    Where’s my brother!?                                   

                    They killed Jimmy. He went up to                       
                    old Smokey take his body back to                       
                    his family.                                            


          Robert moves Vivian away.                                        

                    Go upstairs and wait for me baby.                      

          He taps her on the butt as she almost falls taking one step      
          up the stairs every few seconds.                                 

                    You let him go alone!?                                 

          Robert moves to a dresser removing brass knuckles putting        
          them into his pocket.                                            

                    You know Joe.                                          

                    I’m going to get Joe. You, Come                        
                    with me. Watch the house, Sarah!                       

          William removes his gun from his belt and follows Robert out     
          of the house.                                                    

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. CAR - NIGHT                                                 

          They are in the car driving quickly through the tree ridden      

          CONTINUED:                                             28.       

                    Would they really hurt him!?                           

                    Their animals. You sure you can                        
                    handle that cannon your holding.                       

                    Don’t worry about me. I can handle                     
                    my own.                                                

          Robert smirks as the road becomes bumpy.                         

                    Nothing like a good beating to                         
                    start the night right.                                 

          Robert shakes his head several times trying to throw off the     
          last bit of drunkenness he has on him as if it would slide       
          from his skin.                                                   

                    You going to be all right?                             

                    I’m a Dallas boy, this what we live                    

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. TOWN - NIGHT                                                

          Several people are huddled around Joe. Hampton stands back       
          with his arms crossed with a smug smile across his face.         

                    Get out of our town! You killed                        
                    him! Your devil liquid did this!                       
                    You killed him.                                        


          Joe has Jimmy in his arms picking him up. He holds him           
          tight, as people spit and throw things at him.                   

          A bottle flies through the air hitting Joe square in the         

          Joe falls to his knees keeping Jimmy in his hands, keeping       
          his grip tight on him.                                           

          CONTINUED:                                             29.       

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Is that the best you got!?                             

          The crowd yell and cheer.                                        

                    Let him be!                                            

          Everyone backs up; some of them wanting to yell more at Joe,     
          to throw more things at him.                                     

          Hampton walks through the crowd up to Joe who is on his          

                    Do you see the power of the                            
                    almighty? Moonshine is no longer                       
                    welcome in Redmill.                                    

          Sherrif Donald Q walks up next to Hampton.                       

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    Finish this, please, So I can take                     
                    him to county.                                         

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Get down here and take me yourself!                    

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    Maybe he would be better found in a                    
                    ditch, or a creek somewhere.                           

          Donald spits on the ground sneering at Joe the entire time.      

                    This is the beginning of the end                       
                    for you, Joe Dallas. You and your                      
                    family are evil. If this town is                       
                    sin then your family our the devils                    

          Joe smiles Hampton is close enough to him. He slames his         
          head against Hamptons busting his nose.                          

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Sorry, there Donald I slipped.                         

          Hampton holds on to his nose.                                    

                    Some justice must sink in to these                     
                    Godforsaken followers of Satan!                        

          The people cheering.                                             

          CONTINUED:                                             30.       

          Hampton makes a fist punching Joe in the face.                   

                    And we strike down upon them with                      
                    furious vengeance in hopes that,                       
                    God, shines a light in their eyes!                     

          The people clap.                                                 

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Go to hell like your sister and                        

          Hampton’s face turns upside down. He grabs a pipe from           
          Donald and he swings it hard at Joe’s face.                      


          INT. CAR - NIGHT                                                 

          William and Robert are racing to the town. The car slows as      
          they enter.                                                      

          The people are gone. Joe lays on the ground with no jimmy in     

          Robert and William hurry from the car. Joe is laying on the      

                    Joe! Joe!                                              

          Robert runs to his brothers side, his head is covered in         
          blood. He is unconscious.                                        

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    Is he breathing!?                                      

                    I don’t know. I don’t know!                            

          William runs over picking Joe up a bit and checking his          

                    He’s breathing, but we need to get                     
                    him to a docs.                                         

          Robert nods.                                                     

          CONTINUED:                                             31.       

                    Help me.                                               

          Robert and William pick up Joe and move him to the back of       
          the truck.                                                       


          Robert yells out.                                                

          Robert gets in the drivers seat and William stays in back        
          with Joe.                                                        

                    Hurry up!                                              

          The car turns hastily driving off.                               

          Robert swearing obscenities as he drives.                        

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - AFTERNOON                                   

          Joe has his eyes closed. He has a bandage around his head        
          and the doc is looking over him.                                 

          Sarah is sitting by his bedside. She is looking worried.         
          Robert, William and Harvey come in the room.                     

                    How is he?                                             

          Dr. Weston (55) shakes his head.                                 

                              DR. WESTON                                   
                    The swelling is slowly going down.                     
                    I’ve done what I can. He wakes up                      
                    every so often. I got him on some                      
                    meds best I can do. He should pull                     

          Dr. Weston nods sees the family want to be alone, he  heads      
          out of the room.                                                 

          A beat.                                                          

          Sarah looks to William.                                          

          CONTINUED:                                             32.       

                    Do you see!? That church is after                      
                    us, ruining this town and the                          
                    people. Something has to be done.                      

          William nods looking to Joe who begins to move.                  

                    He’s moving.                                           

                    What the hell you doing here?                          

                    You need looking after.                                

                    Not while there is shine to be made                    
                    and sold.                                              

          They chuckle.                                                    

                    You were just beaten half to death,                    
                    Joe. The moonshine can wait.                           

                    No, it won’t. I’m fine. You heard                      
                    the doctor. You two get out there.                     
                    We meeting those Chicago boys                          
                    Friday and they want their shine.                      

                    You sure, you okay, Joe? You look                      
                    like fat Bertha sat on your face.                      

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    It feels like it.                                      

          Joe gestures Harvey over hugging him.                            

                    Now, get on. You make sure, Robert                     
                    don’t bring no girls out while you                     
                    making it either.                                      

                    I’m still hung dry for that girl                       
                    last night.                                            

          CONTINUED:                                             33.       

                    Not, me. Somehow she found her way                     
                    to my room. A Dallas boy is a                          
                    Dallas boy after all, seemed to                        
                    make no difference to her.                             

          Robert smacks Harvey over the head playfully.                    

                    It’s fine, go.                                         

          Robert and Harvey leave. Sarah and William stare to Joe.         

                    We never did get to finish our                         

                    That’s all right, I believe I found                    
                    what I was looking for.                                

                    You about to rage bloody war                           
                    against that church, you going need                    
                    more than six bullets.                                 


          Joe looks to Sarah and back to William.                          

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    What did you have mind?                                

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    We meeting these Chicago boys on                       
                    Friday. Moonshine is hard to get                       
                    every where. Places are closing                        
                    down, by law and church. So, join                      

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    What? Be a Dallas boy?                                 

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    It’s better to prove to these                          
                    people that we are greater than                        
                    their rules. That we can’t be beat.                    
                    And when they lose their hope,                         
                    that’s when we attack.                                 

          CONTINUED:                                             34.       

                    I thought you said no fighting,                        

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    They brought this on themselves,                       
                    Sarah. They pried Jimmy from my                        
                    hands. They spit at me and hit me.                     
                    Some evils are meant to survive,                       
                    but not this one.                                      

          William shakes his head unsure.                                  

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    I don’t know.                                          

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    Think about it. The minute that                        
                    church sees you hanging round us,                      
                    round her.                                             

          Gestures to Sarah who turns away almost blushing.                

                              JOE DALLAS CONTINUED                         
                    They going to think you with us                        
                    even if you not. I reckon you’d                        
                    rather work with the good guys.                        

          William nods in agreement.                                       

          Dr. Weston knocks on the door.                                   

                              DR. WESTON                                   
                    Joe, you have a visitor. I told                        
                    them to go, but he wants to speak                      
                    with you.                                              

                    Who might that be?                                     

                              DR. WESTON                                   
                    Pastor Delvin.                                         

          William looks confused to Sarah and to Joe.                      

                    Let him in.                                            

          Joe winces as the pain from his head hits him, but he            
          strives forwards sitting up in his bed.                          

          CONTINUED:                                             35.       

          Delvin comes in dressed nicely. He is alone. He moves into       
          the room with his head held high. He looks to both Sarah and     

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I was hoping for a more private                        
                    chat, if you don’t mind.                               

          Joe looks to Sarah and William nodding.                          

          Both get up and leave the room hearing Delvin begin his          

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I came as soon as I heard. It’s a                      
                    shame. I honestly say it.                              

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. WAITING ROOM - AFTERNOON                                    

          William is pacing back and forth. Sarah is sitting.              

                    What’s wrong with you?                                 

                    With me? These people are what’s                       
                    wrong with me. He has the stones to                    
                    have people hurt and then he comes                     
                    to them like a person of faith.                        

                    He pretends they don’t do it for                       
                    him. He pretends he is righteous                       
                    and such acts are below him. How do                    
                    you become a God to people if they                     
                    can see your bad deeds?                                

                    By hiding them.                                        

                    By letting others do them for you.                     
                    You’ve been to Chicago, this is                        
                    just a different mob.                                  

                    Maybe I should join your brother.                      

          CONTINUED:                                             36.       

                    Is that what you want?                                 

                    I don’t know what I want. I came                       
                    here looking for revenge. Instead,                     
                    I find moonshine and God.                              

                    My dad use to say, "We never find                      
                    what were looking for, just what we                    

          William takes the words in.                                      

                    You know you still have introduced                     
                    yourself to me, yet.                                   

          Sarah shakes her head in disbelief.                              

                    That’s what you got from my fathers                    

                    Better than nothing, right?                            


          Devlin comes out of the room with a hearty chuckle.              

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    That brother of your’s. He is an                       
                    Honest one. My condolence’s on what                    
                    happened. I hope to see you all in                     
                    an two hours for church.                               

          Delvin half bows leaving.                                        

          William looks to be in thought.                                  

                    Tell, Joe. I’m in. We make them                        
                    lose hope and we cut off the head                      
                    of the snake.                                          

                    What are you going to do, William?                     

          William doesn’t answer.                                          

          CUT TO:

          EXT. STREET - AFTERNOON                                          

          Delvin is getting in his car, Hampton is the driver. William     
          rushes outside, Delvin catches this turning to face him.         

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Can I help you, Son?                                   

          William doesn’t answer he smirks searching for the right         
          words to say to Delvin.                                          

          Hampton comes over, but Delvin backs him off.                    

                    I believe the devil has his tongue,                    

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Does it? or is what I hear true?                       
                    You’re best at running? It’s okay.                     
                    Many a men have faced great evil                       
                    and ran with their tail between                        
                    their legs. Only those worthy have                     
                    stood to fight.                                        

          Delvin moves close to William.                                   

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I can see you shivering. I have god                    
                    on my side who do you have?                            

          Delvin leans back, but William says nothing to him.              


                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    You know your daddy was a runner                       
                    too. Came to me crying. That’s                         
                    right, I know who you are, William                     

          William tries to keep calm, but begins to show strain.           

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Daddy, came to me. "My son, pray                       
                    for my son. He’s be gone so long.                      
                    He run off." Everyday, this was                        
                    your daddies words. Tell me, have                      
                    you seen your daddy lately?                            

          CONTINUED:                                             38.       

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    I’m coming after you.                                  

          Delvin nods heading into the car, he pretends to tip a hat       
          to William who just watches him. His fist clenched the           
          entire time.                                                     

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    You can’t touch me. I’ve got God in                    
                    my corner. Who do you have?                            

          The door shuts and Delvin drives away, his car disappearing      
          with the curved road.                                            

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. DALLAS HOME - AFTERNOON                                     

          William rushes into the house. Harvey is in the hallway          
          holding a tray of empty mason jars.                              

                    William, what the hell you doing                       

                    I’m going to help you make                             

                    Is that coming from, Joe? Cause if                     
                    not he be real upset -                                 

                    Joe, told me. I was also wondering                     
                    If I could get a jar or two.                           

                    Follow me.                                             

          Harvey leads William out of the house.                           

                    What do you need a few jars for?                       

                    I’ll explain on the way.                               

          CUT TO:

          EXT. FOREST - AFTERNOON                                          

          William and Harvey are walking through the forest, trees and     
          uneven ground ahead of them.                                     

                    Ever since it’s become illgal,                         
                    we’ve been making it out here. We                      
                    had a deal with a few local                            
                    officers, but that turned over once                    
                    Delvin became prohibition king.                        

                    Is it hard to make?                                    

                    You really don’t know nothing do                       
                    you? What you been doing this whole                    
                    time living under a rock?                              

                    Joined the army. Almost got shot.                      
                    Went to New york. Been traveling                       
                    longer than I should have.                             

                    Is New York as amazing as they say?                    

                    It’s better. Buildings as far as                       
                    the eyes can see. People packed in.                    
                    Beautiful woman all around. It’s a                     

          Harvey seems glad to hear to these words.                        

                    Sounds better than I imagined.                         
                    Look, Making Moonshine is easy.                        
                    It’s like making anything. Just                        
                    have to get the ingredients right,                     
                    and cook it till its done. It’s                        
                    more about waiting than anything.                      

          William almost trips over a few branches seeing a large          
          shack ahead of them.                                             

                    I reckon it sounds easy enough.                        

                    Robert will show you how it’s done.                    
                    I’m sure you’ll get the idea or                        
                    Robert will beat it into you.                          

          CONTINUED:                                             40.       

                    Beat it into me?                                       

          William stops as the thought crosses his mind.                   

                    Not really, right?                                     

          Harvey heads on chuckling.                                       

                    come on, New York.                                     

          INT. SHACK - AFTERNOON                                           

          Smoke rises out of the shack. Several tubes and metal            
          containers emit heat. A tube leading to jug drops a droplit      
          of liquid every seconded.                                        

          Robert is inside putting bottles together.                       

                    What the hell is he doing here?                        

                    He’s with us now.                                      



          Robert rolls his eyes, picking up several trays of jars          
          filled with moonshine.                                           

          He huffs handing them to William.                                

                    Take all these and put them on the                     
                    truck. Can you do that?                                

                    Put em where?                                          

                    Very funny.                                            

          William grabs them putting each one on the back of the           

          CONTINUED:                                             41.       

                    He’ll give you a hard time or two                      
                    and soon he’ll be your buddy. He’s                     
                    like that with everyone.                               

                    How does this work?                                    

                    We use corn meal, some syrup, yeast                    
                    and water. Sometimes, Joe likes to                     
                    use grain give it a different                          
                    taste. We age it in them tubs and                      
                    knock them in the jars to be sold.                     

          CUT TO:                                                          

          Close on:                                                        

          The tubes, the tubs, the jars. Everything they need to make      
          the moonshine there and waiting.                                 

          Liquid dripping distilled liquor into a jug.                     

          Robert grabs a mason jar filled with moonshine handing it to     

                              ROBERT DALLAS                                
                    Before you can help us make it, you                    
                    need to taste it. Just a sip, we                       
                    don’t need you falling off your                        

          William takes the jar. He smells it. A strong whiff.             

                    That smells strong.                                    

                    Take off your dress and drink.                         

          William takes a breath before taking a sip of the moonshine.     

                    That’s good, dam good. I can see                       
                    why you all are in business.                           

          Robert pats his back chuckling.                                  

                    Gee, Robert, I think that boy there                    
                    likes it.                                              

          CONTINUED:                                             42.       

                    Harvey, I think we have ourselves a                    

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. ELLIE’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON                                   

          Ellie is inside at the fireplace making soup in a large pot.     
          she is stirring the soup when a knock hits her door.             

                    William is that you? I’ve been                         
                    making us some supper. I knows you                     
                    got to be hungry.                                      

          She opens the door,...                                           

                              CHARLIE (OS)                                 
                    Wasn’t who you were expecting?                         

          CHARLIE (22) His face is covered in dirt. He has tried to        
          clean himself off, but the work of the day still lingers on      

                    I thought my daddy told you not to                     
                    come round here no more.                               

                    Well, See as I figure it, and you                      
                    have my condolences, but he is no                      
                    longer of this earth.                                  

          Ellie finds this sweet.                                          

                    Charlie hobbs, you are a devil.                        

                    And you are an Angel. I said it.                       
                    First time I saw you. I told my pa,                    
                    I’m going to marry an angel named                      
                    Ellie Martin.                                          

          Ellie plays with her hair and moves her feet like a little       

                    Mr. Hobbs you do know how to make a                    
                    girl smile.                                            

          CONTINUED:                                             43.       

                    Well, I was hoping, if you would be                    
                    so inclined to have supper with me                     
                    tonight and my family.                                 

          Ellie looks back at the soup on the stove.                       

                    I’d love too really I would! But,                      
                    my brother William just got into                       
                    town. I wanted to fix him a nice                       
                    home cooked meal.                                      

          Charlie nods with defeat.                                        

                    Another time then.                                     

          Charlie backs away with a sad smile. Ellie can read his          
          disappointment. She tries to think of something,...              

                    Why don’t you if you want, have                        
                    dinner with me and my brother.                         

          Charlie stops.                                                   

                    I’d love to. Do you think he would                     

                    No. I’m sure he would love the                         

          Charlie smiles widely backing up once more.                      

                    I’m going to go home and get shined                    
                    up. Fix my hair and such.                              

                    I’ll be waiting, Charlie Hobbs.                        

          Charlie turns around almost tripping over a rock catching        

          Ellie just a smiling.                                            

          CUT TO:

          INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - AFTERNOON                                   

          Joe alone in his room. He stands up out of the bed, he moves     
          to a mirror near the left wall.                                  

                    I look like hell.                                      

          Joe’s eye is black and swelled. His head still bandaged. He      
          smiles at his reflection.                                        

          A knock.                                                         

          Harvey is standing there.                                        

                              JOE DALLAS                                   
                    You don’t look like you’re making                      

                    Neither do you.                                        

          Joe turns around and sits on the bed.                            

                    What you doing here, Harvey?                           

          Harvey comes in the room fully, taking a nearby chair and        
          sitting down.                                                    

                    I wanted to talk to you.                               

                    Well, talk.                                            

          Harvey seems nervous, he is hesitant.                            

                    I can’t take this anymore. I want a                    
                    normal life, and I’ve been thinking                    
                    about it a while now. I’m thinking                     
                    of leaving.                                            

                    Leaving!? You aint leaving.                            

          Harvey is a little taken aback by these words.                   

                    I’m a man now, you can’t tell me                       
                    what to do!                                            

          CONTINUED:                                             45.       

                    Oh, will see about that.                               

          Harvey sees the intense look on Joe’s face.                      

                    Wait, Joe! This town hates us.                         
                    Moonshining aint a business to be                      
                    in. Maybe were an old horse that                       
                    needs to be put out to pasture.                        

                    You listen here. Were family in                        
                    case you forgot!                                       

                    Me leaving isn’t changing that                         

                    I swore to ma, I would keep this                       
                    family together. And I dam well,                       

          Harvey shakes his head, No:                                      

                    Things are tough here, I know it.                      
                    Give us some time, rules change,                       
                    people change.                                         

                    This isn’t a life I want to live. I                    
                    should have a girl now. I should be                    
                    building a house and something for                     
                    my family, my own family. Instead,                     
                    I’m making moonshine, dealing with                     
                    drunk girls Robert brings home.                        

                    You’re a child. You don’t know what                    
                    you want.                                              

                    I’m not leaving, not yet. I’ll stay                    
                    until I raise enough money to go.                      

                    I just won’t pay you than.                             

          Harvey stands up.                                                

          CONTINUED:                                             46.       

                    You can’t keep us together by                          
                    holding us down. It’s like you aint                    
                    listening to a word I say.                             

                    Shut up. Bring the car around, I’m                     
                    going home.                                            

          Joe stands up removing his bandage from his head.                

                    Did the doc say you were all right?                    

                    Tip top. See!?                                         

          Joe holds open his arms with a smirk.                            

                    Now, go get the car!                                   

          Harvey leaves the room with Joe shaking his head in              

          INT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON                                          

          William enters the church ignoring the turning heads of the      

          Delvin is on stage seeing William he continues his sermon        
          giving William a nod of recognition.                             

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    We now will give ourselves to God.                     
                    Take this bread.                                       

          A small plate of bread is being passed around the                
          congregation with bread on it, which people are taking a         
          small piece and putting it in on their tongue.                   

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. FOREST - AFTERNOON                                          

          William and Harvey walking.                                      

                    What you need a few jars for?                          

          William stops.                                                   

          CONTINUED:                                             47.       

                    Today, Delvin invited us to church.                    
                    I reckon, we show up.                                  

                    I don’t think, Joe, will care for                      
                    that idea. So, what’s the moonshine                    

                    Thinking of giving the church                          
                    something to, scream about.                            

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON                                          

          William smiling.                                                 

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    This bread is the body of God. Take                    
                    it and place it on your tongue.                        

          People putting it on their tongue.                               

          Delvin nods as several small cups are passed around with         
          liquid in them.                                                  

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Now take this. In this is the blood                    
                    of Jesus. And with it we become a                      
                    part of him. Joined by faith. A                        
                    promise to be worthy of his love                       
                    forever and always.                                    

          The cups are passed out.                                         

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Raise your glasses, now drink the                      
                    blood of Christ our Lord and                           

          The cups are raised. Delvin raises his cup, but a smell          
          stops him. He takes his goblet close to his nose.                

          William watches with a smirk all over his face.                  

          The people lift the cups and drink.                              

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    No! stop!                                              

          Everyone coughs and spits.                                       

          CONTINUED:                                             48.       

                    Sinners will sin, Delvin!                              

          William bows as Delvin’s face grows red, knocking his goblet     
          off the podium.                                                  

          William turns around heading outside.                            

          EXT. OUTSIDE CHURCH - AFTERNOON                                  

          William comes out and begins to walk when Delvin and Hampton     
          run outside.                                                     

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Demon! heathen!                                        

          William turns around his smile unflinching.                      

                    You wreck people’s lives, you                          
                    should expect the same ten fold in                     

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    By God’s judgement I hope he                           
                    strikes you down! Heathen! Darkness                    

                    I guess were all sinners now. That                     
                    blood of Christ was the finest                         
                    moonshine this far the Mississippi.                    

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    You are the devil, boy.                                

                    You’re a sinner now just like me.                      
                    How did that taste going down.                         
                    Second cup his always the best, I                      

          Delvin says nothing, his face burns red. Even Hampton is         
          looking at him.                                                  

          Delvin rushes at William punching him, yelling at him.           

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I’m not a sinner! Heathen! I am an                     
                    Apostle of his word! Gods gift!                        

          A punch at William on the floor hitting his face again and       

          CONTINUED:                                             49.       

          People begin to come out of the church watching Delvin           
          beating William to a pulp.                                       


                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    How dare you! How dare you!                            

          Another punch and Delvin is pulled off William by Hampton.       


          Hampton stops standing and looking around as his flock is        
          now standing around him. His hair untidy.                        

          He takes a breath fixing his hair.                               

          He spots all of the Dallas boys standing and watching him        
          beating William.                                                 

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    forgive me! This, this follower of                     
                    sin, he,... Tempted me with words                      
                    and actions of evil and I had no                       

          William stands up giving out a chuckle.                          

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    It’s their fault! The Dallas boys!                     
                    They brought this evil into our                        

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    Remember early when you asked who                      
                    was on my side?                                        

          Delvin stops talking and looks to William who wipes his          
          bloody face.                                                     

                              WILLIAM ARCHER CONTINUED                     
                    You may have God, but I got the                        
                    Dallas boys and right now, I think                     
                    they are set to win.                                   

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Blasphemy! We are not scared of                        
                    you! You’ll run away leaving them                      
                    to clean up your mess!                                 

          CONTINUED:                                             50.       

                    I am a runner. When life got to                        
                    tough here, I run off. I joined                        
                    people, I did things. But, off all                     
                    the things I’ve seen you are the                       
                    worst evil.                                            

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Evil? ha! I am a child of God.                         

                              WILLIAM ARCHER                               
                    I hope so. Because I’m no longer                       
                    running. I’m staying here and you                      
                    can mark my words. By the end of                       
                    this, it’s either going to be you                      
                    standing or us.                                        

          William spits blood on the ground and turns around walking       
          away. The Dallas boys following.                                 

                    I don’t know if you’re stupid or a                     

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    It will be me. It will!                                

          William says nothing as he walks.                                

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Our church will stand!                                 

          William and the Dallas boys walking away,...                     

          A beat.                                                          

          EXT. CREEK - AFTERNOON                                           

          William sits down at the edge of the creek, his father body      
          still bopping back and forth.                                    

                    I’m sorry, pa. I know I told you I                     
                    wouldn’t be gone long, But weeks                       
                    turned to months and time fell from                    
                    me. I wish I could of told you                         
                    goodbye. Wish I could of said a lot                    
                    of things. You were a good man and                     
                    you don’t deserve to dissolve in a                     

          William stands up as music begins to play.                       

          CONTINUED:                                             51.       

                              SARAH (OS)                                   
                    I wanted to invite you over for                        
                    dinner tonight.                                        

          William stares up at Sarah who is walking over.                  

                    I can’t.                                               

          She is about to ask why.                                         

                              WILLIAM CONTINUED                            
                    We still haven’t been introduced                       
                    proper like.                                           

                    You know my name and I know yours.                     

                    Even so. I would, but my sister                        
                    kinda had her hopes of me eating                       
                    with her tonight and some boy.                         

          Sarah is sad.                                                    

                    You’re welcomed to join us. There’s                    
                    more than enough.                                      

                    The Dallas boys need me to fix up                      
                    their food.                                            

                    I think they can survive without                       
                    you for one night.                                     

                    A night? I thought it was just                         

                    Well, I am a keen chess player as                      

          Sarah and William look at each other smiling no words            
          needing to be spoken, they like each other.                      

                    I’ll see you tomorrow.                                 

          CONTINUED:                                             52.       

                    Tomorrow it is than. Maybe, I’ll                       
                    even get your name.                                    

          Sarah shakes her head walking off.                               

          William grabs a shovel and begins to dig near a tree.            

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. DALLAS COTTAGE - AFTERNOON                                  

          Harvey and Joe get out of the truck. Sarah comes out hugging     
          Joe and gesturing her brothers inside the house.                 

          Joe goes to the back of the truck finding it loaded with         
          moonshine. He nods to Harvey who smiles.                         

          CUT TO:                                                          

          EXT. CREEK - AFTERNOON                                           

          William is near a tree just outside his sisters home. He has     
          dug a grave.                                                     

          He walks down to the creek, grabs his father and wraps him       
          in a white sheet. He lowers him into the hole.                   

          Ellie is out now. She is crying, resting her head on             
          William’s shoulder.                                              

          He hugs her, before he returns to burying his father.            

          Charlie walks up as they finish their goodbyes to their          

          Charlie and William shake hands and enter the house.             

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. ELLIE’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON                                   

          Ellie pours soup for Charlie and William who has his face        
          cleaned up. He sips the soup.                                    

          Charlie smiles, and Ellie laughs as William mentions her         
          when she was young.                                              

          William looks outside, the sun is slowly fading.                 

          CUT TO:

          INT. OLD SMOKEY BAR - NIGHT                                      

          Sarah has a rag in her hand she is rubbing down the bar, a       
          few people in the bar discussing the fight between Delvin        
          and William.                                                     

          Sarah looks up finding William.                                  

          The music slowly fades.                                          

                    I figured with all the ruckus                          
                    that’s started, and me being a no                      
                    show for dinner, maybe you would                       
                    like a strong man to walk you home.                    

                    Sure, if you can find one.                             

          William chuckles. He heads to the bar sitting down. Sarah        
          making him a drink.                                              

                    So you sticking around I take it?                      

                    Yeah, I reckon I should considering                    
                    your brother offered me a job with                     

                    And you don’t want to get on, Joe’s                    
                    bad side.                                              

          PULL BACK:                                                       

          Their words begin to drown out.                                  

                    No, from what I hear handle himself                    
                    in a fight and as you know I can’t.                    

          Sarah smiles.                                                    

          INT. DELVIN’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                

          Delvin is sitting in a rocking chair, a cat walking around       
          the room like it owns it.                                        

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I don’t care. We’ve come to far. To                    

          CONTINUED:                                             54.       

          Hampton is standing by the fire place and Donald is sitting      
          an another chair near his brother.                               

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    These Dallas boys are more trouble,                    
                    than the Martin boy returning.                         

                    What would you have us do?                             

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    I don’t know, yet. They need to be                     
                    dealt with. This town is just the                      
                    first step. Elections are in late                      
                    summer and I want to win. That’s                       
                    where the real change begins.                          

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    They embarrassed you in front of                       
                    the flock. They may start to                           
                    question the resolve.                                  

          Delvin stands up.                                                

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    This just strengthens the resolve.                     
                    May even help you tighten your grip                    
                    on those boys and their moonshine.                     

                    I hear they even got the William                       
                    boy working with them now too.                         

                              DELVIN SINCLAIR                              
                    Sin seeps in everywhere. We have to                    
                    strike those they love and get them                    
                    at their knees.                                        

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    Why don’t we just kill them.                           

          Delvin looks from his brother to Hampton who shrugs his          
          shoulder with no better idea.                                    

                              DONALD Q                                     
                    Just kill them.                                        



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