Joy and Sadness


                                 Joy and Sadness                           

               Hitan learns to let go of things he can’t control.

          INT. BEDROOM - MORNING                                           

          Window view.                                                     

          Rain is hitting hard.                                            

          The street before us is empty, people staying inside from        
          the rain.                                                        

          We slowly PAN:                                                   

          Getting a view of the room behind us. Joy (42) laying in         
          bed, hooked to a machine that is feeding her pain                
          medication. Hitan (48) is laying beside her. His hand hovers     
          over her.                                                        

                    You don’t belong here. You don’t                       
                    belong like this.                                      

          Joy smiles weakly. A single tear rolling across her cheek,       
          breaking away from her eye as she smiles.                        

                    It’s the hand I’ve been given.                         

                    You don’t deserve it.                                  

                    Stop. Were not selfish. Kids don’t                     
                    deserve this, but it happens.                          

                    But, not to us.                                        

          Joy’s hand graces Hitan’s face.                                  

                    You have to let me go. Let me pass.                    

                    I don’t care if i’m selfish. I’m                       
                    lost without you.                                      

                    You will find someone else. Someone                    
                    who can make you laugh, Someone who                    
                    will love you as much as I do.                         

          CONTINUED:                                              2.       

                    I don’t want someone else, I only                      
                    want you. I need you.                                  

          Joy closes her eyes with his words.                              

                    you need someone who won’t make you                    

          Tears roll.                                                      

          Hitan tries to suppress them with his hands against her          
          cheek, to no avail.                                              

                    Please, your hurting my heart. I                       
                    won’t to go.                                           

                    you want!?                                             

                    The pain is enough now. Let me pass                    
                    on. Remember, Your mother. She                         
                    suffered. She didn’t deserve. you                      
                    let her go, let me.                                    

          Hitan nods he closes his eyes.                                   

          Joy slowly eases forward as their lips touch.                    

          CLOSE ON:                                                        

          Hitan’s eye closed.                                              

          Sad music begins to play.                                        

          Hitan’s eyes open.                                               

          CAREFULLY PULL BACK:                                             

          INT. HOSPITAL - MORNING                                          

          He is no longer laying in bed. Joy is not sitting with him.      
          He is near a window. He is in a green chair, uncomfortable.      

          A beeping begins.                                                

          Hitan stands up.                                                 

          The camera pans behind him.                                      

          CONTINUED:                                              3.       

          Joy is hooked to a bed, she is in a coma, she is far from        

          Nurses pile in. Her doctor comes in seconds after with his       
          white coat.                                                      

          She is crashing.                                                 

                              DR. HOWARD                                   
                    What will you have us do, Hitan!?                      


          Hitan staring with a faint smile and a nod.                      

          A flash.                                                         

          INT. BEDROOM - MORNING                                           

          Joy smiling.                                                     

          Hitan with his eyes closed.                                      


                              JOY (VO)                                     
                    I will always love you.