Home – By Pete Hudson

Home - A famous actor. has become lost. He find solace in his fame and people needing him. Until his trip home
Reminds him of what he has lost.

                                       By Pete Hudson

          INT. CAR - NIGHT                                                 

          DAVID FLYNN (34) is sitting in a car in the back seat. His       
          driver following the road. The camera on him.                    

                    What’s the hardest thing about                         
                    coming home?                                           

          David is staring out the window at the streets they pass,        
          looking to the Director and into the Camera.                     

                    The hardest thing?                                     

                    Yeah. Right off the top of your                        

                    I’m (chuckles) I haven’t been home                     
                    in a few years, your going to have                     
                    to ask me when I leave.                                

          David smiles his eyes starring out the window.                   

          The Camera cuts.                                                 

          INT. OFFICE - AFTERNOON                                          

          David is sitting on the couch water bottle in hand,              
          sunglasses over his eyes.                                        

                    So this tell all is about you, your                    
                    life. So go ahead.                                     

          David smiles licking his lips finding the words to confess.      

                    What should I start with, where I                      
                    was born, stuff like that.                             


                    I was born in Georgia, raised in                       
                    Orlando. It was an average life.                       
                    dad worked, mom stayed at home                         
                    raising 4 kids.                                        

          CONTINUED:                                              2.       

                    were you always the class clown in                     
                    school, or the attention grabbing                      

          David chuckles thinking about it, taking a gulp of his           

                    No. I was the shy guy. I started                       
                    off wanting to be a writer or                          
                    director. You know it was one of                       
                    those things where your minds at                       
                    the right place but your body                          

                    What happened to writing?                              

                    I spent the better part of my                          
                    twenties trying to get into film                       
                    school or whatever else and just                       
                    didn’t cut it. Life got in the way                     
                    of things, you know my sister had a                    
                    kid and was a wreck. So i stayed                       
                    and helped my parents.                                 

          David smiles weakly his face changing to sadness.                

                              DAVID CONTINUED                              
                    It reached a point where I just                        
                    couldn’t do it anymore. I searched                     
                    and found a job as an actor for a                      
                    student film. Did a couple of                          

          The camera moves around.                                         

                    Is that when you got Seconded                          

                    Yea, Seconded Earth, this film made                    
                    for nothing. You know worst budget                     
                    in the world, it was just this guy                     
                    who loved to write, and bought the                     
                    worst camera and filmed it. This                       
                    was his first and it was such a                        
                    good script. They sent it in to                        
                    Sundance and after That I got                          

          CONTINUED:                                              3.       

          David stares off removing his glasses.                           

                    How did it make you feel?                              

                    It was the greatest day of my life.                    

          EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT                                               

          The camera gets out of the car moving around to David, who       
          gets out.                                                        

          The door to the home opens and KATHY (59) Comes out with her     
          arms open.                                                       

                    David! Look at you!                                    

          David embraces his mother hugging her. The camera goes           
          around them, one of those cheesy shots.                          

          CUT TO:                                                          

          INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT                                             

          David is sitting at the kitchen table, his mother behind him     
          moving pots on the stove trying to clean up what she calls       

                    What’s it like to see your son                         
                    after such a long time?                                

          Kathy stops what shes doing, facing the camera and looking       

                    He left right after he turned 25.                      
                    Got up in the middle of the night,                     
                    while we were sleeping. No note.                       
                    Didn’t know if he died or what.                        

          CLOSE ON:                                                        

          David a little ashamed. On his mother tearing.                   

                              KATHY CONTINUED                              
                    Called the police when I woke up,                      
                    just to get a call from him an hour                    
          CONTINUED:                                              4.       

                              KATHY CONTINUED (cont’d)                     
                    later. He was in Texas, heading to                     

          Kathy wipes her eyes, sitting at the kitchen table.              

                    Sorry. I always tear up when I                         
                    think about it.                                        

          She moves hand over to Davids holding his.                       

                              KATHY CONTINUED                              
                    He was always such a good boy. His                     
                    sisters on the other hand. They                        
                    were, rough. Always yelling and                        
                    fighting, I think that’s another                       
                    reason he left. Plus that time they                    
                    almost got into with Sarah.                            

                    Whose, Sarah?                                          

          Kathy eases her hand off of Davids as he pulls it away from      

                    Davids, old girlfriend. They knew                      
                    each other since high school. He                       
                    really loved her. Didn’t you?                          

          Kathy pats David’s arm as she tells his tale of sorrow.          

                              KATHY CONTINUED                              
                    She broke is heart, cheated. Went                      
                    off and slept with Josh Gant.                          

          David stands shaking his head.                                   

                    Ma, She never cheated on me.                           
                    She,... was pregnant. And my career                    
                    came first, so she got rid of it.                      

                    What? How could you?                                   

                    Her dad wanted it, and there was                       
                    nothing I could do about it. She                       
                    knew I wanted a career far from                        
                    here, that I hated this place.                         

          CONTINUED:                                              5.       

                    But, killing a baby.                                   

          David glances to the camera, ashamed that this moment is         
          caught on film.                                                  

                              DAVID CONTINUED                              
                    That’s enough for tonight, huh,                        
                    fellas. I thought I could do this.                     
                    I’m off to bed. We got a,... long                      
                    day tomorrow.                                          

          The camera goes to his side.                                     

                    Were sleeping in the guest room?                       

          CUT TO:                                                          

          Moments later. David is gone and we are still in the kitchen     
          with Kathy.                                                      

                    You didn’t know?                                       

                    No. I never knew. After he left, we                    
                    never saw her.                                         

          Kathy stares sadly.                                              

          INT. OFFICE - AFTERNOON                                          

          David sitting there again on the couch.                          

                    Were making this documentary                           
                    because you were an A list star.                       
                    But your past movies have failed                       
                    and your going home for the first                      
                    time in years.                                         

                    You’re blunt. But, yeah, I’m making                    
                    a drama movie there. Going back to                     
                    where i kinda started, at what I                       
                    started with. When I started out I                     
                    was looking for a purpose, and had                     
                    it, but now I lost my way.                             

          CONTINUED:                                              6.       

                    Your looking for something else to                     
                    define you?                                            

                    Yeah. Something that shows me its                      
                    all worth it. Before it was the                        
                    smiles of the fans and they still                      
                    do the trick, but you see how quick                    
                    there reactions change.                                

          David just silently stares.                                      

                    one minute your the hottest action                     
                    star in America.                                       

                    And the next your Steven Segal,                        
                    making C list movies.                                  

                    Did I mention you were blunt?                          

          INT. BEDROOM - MORNING                                           

          Come in to David’s bedroom. He is already dressed sitting on     
          the edge of the bed. The room is just as he left it. Posters     
          of girls in bathing suits, notebooks stacked in a corner         
          near a desk.                                                     

                    Sarah, was, yeah. She was the first                    
                    you know.  We met up again before I                    
                    left. She is one of the all time                       

                    Do you think we can see her. Get a                     
                    reunion? Are you up for something                      
                    like that?                                             

          David looks past the camera at the director. Worry all over      
          his face, not thinking it a good idea.                           

                    um,... I don’t think that would be                     
                    such a good idea. We really didn’t                     
                    end on good terms.                                     

          CONTINUED:                                              7.       

                    I think it would help people                           
                    connect with you more.                                 

          David stares off in thought.                                     

          We cut again.                                                    

          INT. CAR - AFTERNOON                                             

          Their in the car once again, driving.                            

                    So we talked you into it. Are you                      

          David nods                                                       

                    You know I’m this big action hero.                     
                    Kids love me, people love my                           
                    movies. They think I’m a god or                        
                    did, But you know I’m just like                        
                    everyone else. (ashamed) I fear the                    

          David opens his mouth to say something, but closes it just       
          as quick. His eyes staring out the window.                       

                    Can you answer what’s hardest thing                    
                    about coming home?                                     

          David nods.                                                      

                    I thought I left this place behind.                    
                    If I wasn’t shooting a movie here                      
                    in 3 days I would have never came                      
                    back. I think the hardest thing is                     
                    having to see those faces I left                       
                    behind. Having to feel guilt that                      
                    you don’t come back. Just plain                        
                    having to face a past you wanted to                    

          David puts on his sunglasses covering his face.

          EXT. SARAH’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON                                   

          They are already out of the truck and walking up the lawn to     
          the front door.                                                  

                    I use to sit across the street                         
                    there by the tree. Her dad wasn’t                      
                    kind to someone interested in his                      
                    daughter, like most dads wouldn’t                      

          They reach the door. David taking a deep breath sighing. He      

          A beat.                                                          

          The door opens and SARAH (30) Stands there.                      

                    Um,... What is (her face drops)                        

          A smile cuts across her face, one that she tries to hide         
          seconds later.                                                   

                    It’s me.                                               

          Sarah looks uneasy.                                              

                    What are you doing here?                               

          She tries to fix herself up                                      

          CUT TO.                                                          

          INT. SARAH’S LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOON                             

          Sarah sits on the couch looking nervous as David walks in        
          staring at the pictures on the wall.                             

                    You’re married, congratulations.                       

                    oh, yeah. To Mark Ford he owns a                       
                    shoe store in the mall.                                

          CONTINUED:                                              9.       

          David holding a picture of the man, placing it down finding      
          a picture of a young girl in his view.                           

                    you have a daughter?                                   

          Sarah stands up looking anxious, and worried.                    


          David looks curious.                                             

                    Well, she has to be related to you.                    
                    She looks just like you.                               

                    Could you just leave. I’m sorry                        
                    this was a mistake. I don’t know                       
                    what’s wrong with me.                                  

          David turns around confused.                                     

                    What’s wrong? Were just talking, I                     
                    didn’t mean to -                                       

                    Shes yours!                                            

          Sarah flops down on the couch hand over her mouth, ashamed.      
          David glances to the camera.                                     

                    What are you saying?                                   

          David moves to the couch, as tears slowly fall from Sarah’s      

                    Sarah, what do you mean shes mine.                     

                    I told you i was going to get rid                      
                    of the baby. That my dad was so                        
                    disappointed, but I couldn’t go                        
                    through with it. I’m not a cold                        

                    And you never tell me!? what is                        

          CONTINUED:                                             10.       

          David stares to the director, than back to Sarah.                

                    You ran away, David. I wanted to                       
                    tell you countless times, but you                      
                    were so eager to get out of                            
                    Florida. That I figured it was                         
                    better if you didn’t know.                             

          David stands up pacing back and forth. He stops staring to       
          the picture of The girl (11).                                    

                    Does she know? Does anyone know?                       

                    Can you turn the cameras off,                          

          David gestures for the cameras to go off, but they lower.        

                    No, no one knows. Mark doesn’t even                    
                    know shes yours.                                       

          The camera raises as David is sitting next to Sarah.             

                    I,.. I mean, can I see her?                            

                    No, David, and i want this edited.                     
                    I don’t want people. I don’t want                      
                    her to see this. This would ruin                       

                    Sarah, It was my greatest mistake                      
                    in life even letting you consider,                     
                    getting rid of her. And I regretted                    
                    it ever since. But I had to leave.                     

                    You could of stayed. Now if you all                    
                    would please, just leave.                              

          Sarah stands up gesturing for them to leave her home.            

                    I could contact her you know.                          

          Sarah rushes over to David, a firm slap across the face.         

          CONTINUED:                                             11.       

                    Don’t you dare! I raised her by                        
                    myself, Mark is her father now and                     
                    you are just a fading actor. Don’t                     
                    ever come here again, Please.                          

          Sarah backs away hand over her mouth.                            

                    At least tell me her name.                             

                    Lola, after your grandmother.                          

          On David looking sad, just standing there in the living room     

          INT. CAR - AFTERNOON                                             

          David is in silence, but keeps opening his mouth as if he        
          wants to say something.                                          

                    If you couldn’t be in actor, where                     
                    do you think you really would have                     
                    ended up?                                              

                    With her I think. I just had leave.                    
                    Life was hard back then. I couldn’t                    
                    be here. Is that what you want to                      
                    hear? I had to leave because my                        
                    family is poison, and if I didn’t                      
                    get up and disappear I would have                      
                    been stuck here working at some                        
                    crappy job, hating who I became.                       

          David shakes his head.                                           

                    Is this documentary real enough for                    
                    you now? I’m a fading star who                         
                    thrives on his fans. I have no                         
                    purpose, and now I have something                      
                    that’s been mine for years, and i                      
                    just didn’t know it. And I can’t                       
                    even have it.

          INT. KITCHEN - DUSK                                              

          David is sitting in the kitchen with his hands over his          

                    She fell hard when you left. We all                    
                    did. But, maybe she was protecting                     

                    I missed a child that was mine. I                      
                    know i was ignorant, and driven,                       
                    but she could have told me. I’ve                       
                    had money all this time.                               

                    No. you would have stopped                             
                    whatever  movie you were working on                    
                    and your career would have went                        
                    down the drain. She saved you.                         

                    I don’t know. I’m going to bed and                     
                    leaving this place forever                             

          David gets up from the table, heading into the living room.      
          He stops suddenly.                                               

          LOLA (11) is standing at the door with her hands held in         
          front of her. She is smiling through half tears.                 

          Both of them just stare at each other for a moment.              

          A beat.                                                          

          Lola runs over to David hugging him.                             

          The camera moves around them.                                    

                              DAVID (VO)                                   
                    Ask me again.                                          

                    What’s the hardest thing about                         
                    coming home?

          INT. CAR - NIGHT                                                 

          David is sitting in the car, he is all smiles.                   

                    Realizing what you left behind, is                     
                    what you’ve been looking for this                      
                    whole time. And the best thing                         
                    about coming home, everything.                         

          David is nothing but smiles as he stares out the window.         

          A happy tune plays.                                              

          FADE OUT: