Wizards tale – chapter one – searching the darkness

Chapter one – searching the darkness
Amagis followed his mother and his brother down a ally where a broken telephone booth stood. The ally echoed the noise of the busy street behind them, cars passing every few seconds assuring them that those walking would be more interested in the cars than three people in a ally. They carried with them a medium sized trunk which to those looking for something out of the ordinary would find this vary unordinary. Amagis stopped in accord with his mother and brother in front of the phone booth, he had made this trip a year earlier, and at first it was daunting to him but now he knew it would be different.
“You’re father wanted to see you two off, he really did,” explained Hara Amagis’s mother kneeling down and looking sincerely at both her sons. Amagis glanced towards his brother who stood just a few inches taller and one year older, wearing his white shirt and black tie in which was formal for the first day of school, until they were appointed there school robes. “Dedro, watch your brother you know how he tries to follow you,” Hara kissed her sons cheeks and he nodded moving to the phone booth. “Amagis, my special boy,” she said quietly, “Things will be easier this year, now at least you know some counter curses, plus that little jinx that your father showed you,” she smiled lovingly to her son fixing his hair out of his eyes.
“He’ll be fine, can we go now?” demanded Dedro impatiently
“You’ll need to concentrate this year, the spells will get harder,” Hara said, “Your brother almost failed,”
“Don’t worry mom, I’ve been studying,” Amagis smiles as his mothers lips grace his forehead.
“My special boy,” Hara replies

Amagis stands in three feet of snow having too many thoughts of the old days running across his mind. A flicker of light that had to soon burn bright than burn out, from his camp fire laid sizzling.

to be continued,……